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Time and Money: What are They Worth to You?

Going to a restaurant can be fun and delicious but for the most part, unless the restaurant is right next to your home and the service is exceptionally fast and inexpensive, dining out does not save time or money. I will make an exception for foods which normally require hours of preparation. Croissants from a […]


Publicity and Indie Publishing. And Windmills.

Publicity for your book launch used to be the responsibility of a traditional publisher. The author would make herself available for the publicity opportunities the publisher arranged. These could include book signings, interviews, or talks at libraries. In addition, the publisher would arrange for placement on bookstore shelves. The book, not the author. Although that […]


Formatting and the Indies. Wait, is that a Band?

As I consider the differences between traditional and indie publishing, formatting leaps to mind. This is only an issue for those of us who indie publish, but it can be a significant one. No romance reader of my acquaintance checks a binding for the publisher’s name before choosing a book. But weird formatting like off […]