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Indie Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

In my last entry, I discussed weighing the value of time when considering whether to pursue traditional publishing as opposed to indie publishing. Based on my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that traditional publishing is more expensive for an author than most of us beginner writers realize.

But indie publishing is no slouch when it comes to time consumption either. Not to mention actual coin of the realm.

Whether you plan to publish a paperback or an ebook, your book will need a cover. And not just any cover – the sort of cover which says, “Buy me. I will bring you laughter, tears of joy and I will infect you with a burning desire to read the sequel.”

So, unless you are a talented graphic artist, you will need to hire a designer. There is a monetary cost, of course. But there is a time cost as well. Because you have to think about what you want in some detail beforehand and must convey that clearly to your designer ahead of time and during the process.

Traditional publishers make those cover design decisions on an author’s behalf and use their own designers to do the actual work. Author friends have told me they sometimes dislike the cover choices their publishers make and feel those choices can impact on the number of sales. In addition, the publisher’s designers quite reasonably expect to be paid for their work. Which impacts in some small measure on the advance a publisher is willing to offer.

So in a real sense, there is a financial cost to an author either way.

And that’s just the outside of the book.

Formatting your manuscript so you can hold your very own book requires some significant author patience. Not to mention research.

Hiring a knowledgeable person to format your work for you is one way to make that happen. But then you will miss all the fun. Plus, you won’t get to swear like a pirate’s parrot. An opportunity no one should miss.

So in my next entry, I will wax eloquent on the joys and risks of formatting.

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