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Hot Pursuit

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Transcript from interview with Max Durrell for the Amesbury Junior Entrepreneur Gazette. Rickie Consuelo, columnist.

Rickie: Thanks for coming in to talk with me today, Mr. Durrell.

Max: Glad to chat, Rickie, and you can call me Max.

Rickie: I know you work with the family owned company, Sanderson Hospitality, but can you tell me what you specifically do?

Max: Sure. I’m sort of a scout. I look at properties we agree to manage and assess what we can do for those owners and I also evaluate properties we are considering investing in. I do a lot of traveling, which I enjoy.

Rickie: That sounds exciting. Does Sanderson have a lot of investment properties?

Max: About half a dozen small multi-families so far. But we’re hoping to make a big purchase soon, so stay tuned.

Rickie: How did you end up in this line of work? Was it always a dream of yours?

Max: No. But I earned a degree in business and joining my brother seemed a natural fit. I like the math end of the business but I also have the opportunity to get my hands dirty regularly, which is fun.

Rickie: I noticed you have an exceptionally sweet ride. Do you make a lot of money in managing properties?

Max: (Laughs) Well, you can. But this car isn’t an example of that. When I bought her at auction, she needed a lot of work. What you see now is the result of that. I’ve never been rich, but being rich isn’t my goal. Wealth tends to mess people up, in my experience.

Rickie: Is it hard working in a family business? Do you fight a lot?

Max: Not so much. We each have our own responsibilities and our own responsibilities, so that helps. In some ways, working together has brought us closer than we would have been otherwise.

Rickie: Now I have some personal questions. Are you married?Save

Not yet. As I said, I travel a lot, so I meet lots of people. But I’m rarely in any one place long enough to form long term friendships.

Rickie: What’s your favorite meal?

Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Rickie: Dessert?

Chocolate cake. The richer, the better.

Rickie: Thanks!

Field Report: per Special Agent Beau Rivers.

Page 2

Upon arriving at the airport, I spotted Rogue Agent Mina Howard on the main concourse. The airport was crowded with civilians and in order to avoid collateral damage or injury to civilians, I followed her to the departure gate before taking her into custody. Agent Howard was singularly combative and asserted I had misidentified her. She continued with her antagonistic behavior even while handcuffed.

I questioned Agent Howard on the airplane during the flight back to Boston. The sole nugget of information she shared was to imply she might have an illicit connection with a certain J. M. Barry. This is the first time I have heard this name related to this case. Further investigation into Barry and drug cartel connections recommended. Also check for references to Peter or Pete Pan.