Time and Money: What are They Worth to You?

Going to a restaurant can be fun and delicious but for the most part, unless the restaurant is right next to your home and the service is exceptionally fast and inexpensive, dining out does not save time or money.

I will make an exception for foods which normally require hours of preparation. Croissants from a restaurant, for instance are a definite time saver over making your own.

And sourdough bread? Don’t even get me started.

But my point, and what I have been circling around for the past few blog entries, is that time and money and their relative values in the context of indie and traditional publishing are a tricky thing to measure. In the final analysis, the decision about which way to spend minutes and coins belongs to the individual writer.  The important thing for us as writers to understand is we are making that decision every day.

Finding an agent costs time and/or money. So does hiring editors, formatters and cover designers. Whether that time and money comes out of an author’s pocket directly or whether it has a long term impact on how much a traditional publisher can afford to pay that author is almost immaterial.

Publicity isn’t free, even though sometimes it feels like it is. Social media participation eats time.

Website design does too, unless the writer pays for it, in which case it can eat money too.

There is nothing wrong and everything right with spending time and money on the things that matter to us. For those of us who find their delight in writing romance and getting those stories into the hands of happy readers, the cost is absolutely worth it.

But I think it’s important to stay alert to what that cost actually is. Looking at our expenses in life is a great way to assess what we truly feel is important. Plus, it helps us decide to order Savory Souffles followed by Baked Alaska at a restaurant instead of trying to make those items at home.

Of course, if you do want to make them at home, call me. I’ll free up my calendar for the eating part.

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