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Humans. Polite Laughter, Please.

It occurred to me this morning how oddly vulnerable we humans must look to all the other animals. For all intents and purposes we are like turtles with clothes instead of shells. We are not equipped with fur, or scales, or leathery hide to protect us. More to the point, we humans don’t seem to […]

Marigolds and the Dangers of Popularity

Secret Yearnings of Marigolds I planted a raised bed garden this Spring and made sure to include lots of marigolds. You would be surprised just how many articles there are online extolling the virtues of marigolds. Well, maybe you wouldn’t. But I was. Turns out marigolds, in addition to being sturdy and adorable and a […]

Value. Pricing Your Book for Success

Price is not the same as value. This is the second installment in a brief series about marketing for novelists. In the last entry I discussed writer’s resistance to marketing. Now it’s time to talk about putting a value on your work. Choosing a dollar value for each novel, each story, each page, each word […]

Marketing for Romance Writers – Don’t Be Afraid

One of the aspects of writing romance novels I have been dreading is the marketing. I think a lot of writers dread it. The writers I know are people who cringe at the thought of public speaking never mind the incessant interaction with strangers the term marketing implies. We tend to be more comfortable hanging […]

Performance Dreams and Real Nightmares

Interpreting performance dreams. Okay, it’s not that complicated. Performance dreams all share certain characteristics – the absolute knowledge that failure is inevitable, the horror of knowing it is your fault and having little to no control over the outcome. You know the nightmare if you have ever performed anything. Maybe even if you haven’t. You start […]

Avocado Hand – Count Your Fingers

Cooking like an amateur and proud of it. I know you didn’t ask, but…I find Avocado Hand annoying. Or maybe I’m just crabby. I guess if I had actually suffered from Avocado Hand, I would be more crabby. If you haven’t already heard about this “on the rise” and therefore extremely hip emergency room issue, […]

Ritual for Home Writing Sessions

Creating a Home Writing Ritual The space in which we write is significant and giving it sufficient gravitas sometimes requires a ritual. We all find ways to cue ourselves to get to work. Sharpen six pencils. Put loose papers in files. Go stand in front of the refrigerator and search hopefully for a brownie. Some of […]

Vegetable Gardening For Non-Rabbits

I planted a garden yesterday. Well, it wasn’t actually as simple as that. I spent weeks dithering over how big it should be and what I should plant. The most complicated part of vegetable gardening for me was figuring out which plants like to be near which other plants. Also which ones detest other plants. […]

Bowling For Unexpected Business Opportunities

Bowling isn’t something I normally write about, but it’s been a long day. My mother always said if you poke yourself with a needle you are too tired to sew. I can add that if you make egregious errors in your query emails you are too tired to send them. Obviously, if you click send by accident […]