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Color Your Calendar Day By Day

What color is today? Some Fridays just don’t feel like Friday. Why is that? There is a thing called Grapheme-color Synesthesia which makes people associate colors with numbers, letters and even days of the week. One is white, two is red. Q might be purple with stripes and T might be a slick metallic silver. […]

Chocolate Can Heal The World

Mmmm. Chocolate medicine. I know too much chocolate is not considered healthy. But many essential nutrients can cause harm if taken in excess. For instance, ingesting too much vitamin K can kill you. But each of us needs some vitamin K to survive. This must be true of chocolate as well. At least I dearly hope […]

Sweet Books Can Cause Cavities

Does hardship breed unbearably sweet children? The many older hand me down books I read as a child send that message loud and clear. They don’t tell stories of sweet children cast into misery. Instead, they tell stories of miseries which somehow make children sweet. From the perspective of these books, low standards are excellent practice for a happy […]

Mockingbird – Midnight Jazz Cat

The Secret Night Life of Morris Last night I was awake late trying to consider my heroine’s options when I a mockingbird distracted me. I assume Morris the Mockingbird does mundane stuff all day long, like kicking rotted food out of the nest. He stocks the larder with bugs, insects, and small things which can’t […]