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Book Review: My Not So Perfect Life

I think a lot of us struggle with impossible standards we set for ourselves. Well at least I do. Which explains this book review of My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. I’m a fan of books which address this issue. Like Katie Brenner, who is trying to make a success of herself in […]

Book Review: The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life

Even a romance without explicit sex scenes, can still be written for a grownup audience. Which explains today’s book review of Sharon Pywell’s fabulous venture into the genre, The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life. Unlike many romance authors, Pywell read her first romance novel as an adult. Which may be why this novel is written […]

Book Review: The Bookseller’s Tale

Personally, I would never consider moving to Oxford, England. Like Gotham City, it is home to way too many fictional murders. But I love reading about them. Which is why today I have a book review of The Bookseller’s Tale by Ann Swinfen. The Bookseller’s tale is (spoiler alert) a tale of a Bookseller in […]