Friday is One Day We Can’t Do Without

Don’t Cancel Friday!

Recently I drove by a local church which hosts an annual fair for the weekend. But this year the sign listed the times the fair was open with the following caveat: Friday has been cancelled.

Really? Was my first thought. And then: is this a temporary cancellation or a permanent one? I mean I can see cancelling Friday occasionally, the ones with papers due, final exams or a bathtub which needs scrubbing. But if this is a permanent situation, I am concerned.

Cancelling Friday leaves us with six days a week. The immediate issue is, of course, the iconic Beatles’ song, Eight Days a Week. When there are seven days per week, the chorus sounds like a cheerful exaggeration. But if we lose Fridays and establish a six day week, the lyrics lose their punch.

I don’t have to tell you how catastrophic that would be.

For Muslims, Friday is the Sabbath,  for Jews it is Sabbath Eve. In either case, cancelling Friday would lead to general crabbiness among the many folks who depend on that day to rest and rejuvenate. It would be the  religious equivalent of cancelling nap time.

Never a good idea.

All of these reasons are important, but the most significant impact of going Friday-less from my perspective is the library book issue. First, I go to the library most Fridays so I don’t have to be book starved on the weekend.

More importantly, at present the books are due two weeks, fourteen days after I take them out. If we cancel each Friday, I will have only twelve days to finish my reading. This means something in my calendar will have to give. Because it certainly isn’t going to be my reading schedule.

So I’m not complaining, because cancelling Friday might just be my best excuse ever for not scrubbing the bathtub.

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