Deception is a terrible way to start a relationship. Or is it?

When Blue Hill Elementary School’s new hire crashes into his life, Paul Stokowski is not pleased. The pretty violin teacher is a distraction he can’t afford. Still, when she pleads for his help, Paul can’t turn her down. After all, under the circumstances, the woman won’t be in town long.

Mel Stone banked everything she has on her dream job and she’s not going down without a fight. So when she learns the school committee members thought they were hiring a Mr. Stone, it’s a no brainer – she cuts her hair and dresses like a dude.

But as she settles into small town life, Mel feels increasingly guilty about her deception. Worse still, she is falling in love with the only person in Blue Hill who knows her secret, a man she is sure would never be interested in her as anything other than a friend.