The Heart Thief

Interim Marshal Poe Lancaster tries to maintain peace between factions in his small frontier town, but when a group of unattached women arrives in Sector 1065 all bets are off.

Dilara Elian knows all about plans. She planned to marry until she learned she was being played. She planned to flee the galaxy, but now, thanks to the marshal’s interference, she is stranded in Sector 1065. The new plan is to keep a low profile until she earns enough money to buy a ticket on the next spaceship out. She didn’t plan to incite a riot.

As far as Poe is concerned, women and trouble go together. He married one once and the best part was when she left. Still, there is no law against friendship and keeping his eye on Dilara seems prudent given her secretive nature. But when a bounty hunter arrives, Poe will have to choose between the law and the women who stole his heart.